All courses in Open School are FREE for everyone. Courses are grouped by field categories, instruction languages and levels to make it super easy for you to find the courses that matter most to you.

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Knowledge is never lost when shared. Anyone can be a teacher and create courses for FREE at Open School regardless of their teaching experience.


At Open School we value collaboration, and we want to make a community where people can stay connected and share ideas among one another.



Make friends and stay in touch.



Form a group with your friends or join a group of people of the same interest



Ask questions or join the discussion on the topics that interest you.


There are a lot more you can do here at Open School. We try to make your experience as real as possible. Too bad food can’t be eaten on the Internet (yet); otherwise, we would also create a food court here.



Read and download open educational resources provided by various open organizations.


Science Lab

Watch science experiment videos put together based on subjects and grade levels.


Conference Rooms

Video chat with people in and outside of our community and even give a virtual presentation.



Sell and buy your books and school supplies at our store.

Open School is a free and open e-learning platform for the people of Cambodia. It aims at extending access to quality education in Cambodia. The contents in this platform are created and shared by our caring community members just like you.

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